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EYE Marketing provides cost effective marketing consultancy offering bespoke campaign consultancy to support your business objectives. Whether looking for support with elements of your marketing plan such as marketing planning and strategy development or market research through to the need for a full marketing solution EYE Marketing can support for a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing agency

Traditional & Online Marketing Strategy


EYE Marketing can provide consultation and support in the creation of traditional and online marketing strategies. Whether looking for marketing support to launch a business or secure funding from an external vendor we can support with market analysis, strategy design and formal documentation. Plus if you are looking for support in designing an online marketing strategy or campaign EYE Marketing can support with SEO, Social Media and PPC campaigns.

Launching a business relies heavily on the marketing strategy behind it. EYE Marketing also provides a second opinion service where we will review your marketing strategy and advise of any additional channels you could use to optimise business success.

Market Research & Concept Analysis


EYE Marketing provides cost effective market research support and concept analysis and development. Operating in a new marketplace requires thorough research and a strong understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that particular environment presents. EYE Marketing is equipped to provide your business with quantitative analysis in the form of detailed secondary report summaries of your proposed business environment along with qualitative research in the form of surveys and focus groups with key target markets.

While employing market research agencies can be a costly process EYE Marketing works to advise clients on lower cost alternatives to market research agencies and can in fact manage market research projects in house.

New Business & Networking Support


One of the biggest challenges with a new business is generating the initial pipeline. While marketing can raise awareness and provide long term lead generation for many small businesses immediate business is the true challenge. EYE Marketing can support new business by developing a short term sales plan. ncluding networking support and attendance along with email marketing campaigns to raise awareness and filter warm and cold leads.

New Business is definitely not everyone's cup of tea but with a few small action plans immediate returns can often be achieved

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